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Slam poetry, the Beatles at the HSG

In Autumn Semester 2012, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) will be inviting the general public to a greatly varied range of 39 lectures. The lectures will start on 17 September.


21 August 2012. This autumn’s public lecture programme, the HSG’s core subjects will on occasion intermingle with the cultural sciences. On the one hand, management can learn things from Gallus, fairy tales and novels; on the other hand, a cultural scientist examines the economic value of various works of art. Further economic lectures will deal with diversity and banking, others with transport by road and by air.

Networks an issue and in the programme
Digital networks are the focus of the lecture on information management. In addition, pupils from the Wattwil Cantonal School will conduct a debate about social media in the “The HSG in the region” series. However, networks can also be discerned in the programme itself: sports and games in Ancient Egypt and in present-day St.Gallen, nutrition in its sports-related and theological dimensions, seduction in the theatre and in psychology, and the past and the future as viewed from the perspectives of the natural sciences and of theology. There is also a look back at the history of music: one lecture will explore the phenomenon of the century that was the Beatles.

Ties with the city
Quite a few lectures have a direct reference to the city, either in terms of subject-matter – as in the anniversary of St Gallus – or in terms of space – in that they are held in the city centre. The city’s Head of Public Works will analyse St.Gallen’s role with regard to the commissioning of buildings.

An international orientation is indicated by lectures about the years of the Great Depression in the USA, the 1980s in Italy, the French Enlightenment, the 19th century in Russia, and contemporary aesthetics in Spain and China. The literary highlights of this semester will include the lectures about Conrad Ferdinand Meyer and the appearances of four representatives of the slam poetry scene: Nicolette Kretz, Pedro Lenz, Richi Küttel and Gabriel Vetter will demonstrate their often ironical and socially critical linguistic art with powerful eloquence and subsequently provide their own commentaries.

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