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SIM-HSG in 1st place worldwide

The international business paper Financial Times has placed the University of St.Gallen’s Master’s programme in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG) at the very top of its worldwide open ranking.


19 September 2011. This was the conclusion reached by the newspaper in its annual evaluation and ranking of Master’s programmes in Management which it has published today. Runner-up is the programme of the CEMS alliance of business universities, of which the HSG itself is a member.

"Unique community spirit"

The SIM-HSG has leapt to first place from the fourth place it occupied in 2010. For Dr. Omid Aschari, Managing Director of the programme and Ranking Delegate, this success is “the result of the unique community spirit which inspires this programme and which we have cultivated for many years.” “This creates a stimulating learning atmosphere,” he says. “Together with the outstanding teaching quality, motivated students and an international practical relevance, this leads to a strong competitive position.”

Based on the integrative St.Gallen approach

Prof. Dr. Günter Müller-Stewens, the programme’s Academic Director, underlines the fact that “the top grades awarded by the Financial Times also honour the University of St.Gallen for its decades of efforts in management research and teaching. The Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management is based “on the integrative St.Gallen approach, which constitutes the conceptual foundation of the programme,” he says. “Our faculty share a profound understanding of the competencies that students need to start a successful career with a sense of responsibility.” For Günter Müller-Stewens, the SIM-HSG’s success is also due to the fact that “students are in great demand on both the Swiss and the international labour markets.”

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