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Semester holidays in Eastern Switzerland

The HSG’s examination period came to a close with the last alternative examination date on 23 July. The new semester will officially start on 19 September. In this period of time, students of the University of St.Gallen pursue a wide variety of activities. What does Eastern Switzerland offer students that enjoy life here? An article by HSG student Thomas Tarantini.

26 July 2016. "After the examinations, I just had to relax for a few days on Lake Constance. Afterwards, I’m planning to go hiking in the Alpstein mountains and pursue further activities in the Lake Constance area before I go backpacking abroad," says Assessment Year student Daniel Konrad (21). Indeed, the Lake Constance area and the Appenzellerland are popular destinations for many people in summertime. There are a great number of opportunities for leisure activities.

Cycling tours and bathing fun

In moderate temperatures, bicycle tours around Lake Constance or in the varied Eastern Swiss countryside are particularly appealing. On hot days, however, it is worth going to a lakeside public swimming bath. Romanshorn, Arbon and the historic bathing pavilion on stilts in Rorschach are especially well-known. Arbon’s particular attraction is the only ten-metre diving platform on the Swiss side of Lake Constance. But a visit to the swimming baths without access to the lake is also well worth it. The Dreilinden family facilities up by the Three Ponds deserve special mention here. The natural swimming bath can be reached by the Mühlegg funicular near the cathedral, the Bäderbus from the Main Railway Station or directly on foot on one of the various flights of steps leading up to St.Georgen.

Swimming is also possible in the mountain lakes of the Alpstein range. Popular destinations include the Seealpsee and Sämtisersee. A visit to these lakes can be combined with hiking tours. While adventurers climb the Hohe Kasten (1,794 metres above sea level) or the Säntis (2,502 metres above sea level), others enjoy a stroll up on Ebenalp or a cool drink in the world-famous Äscher mountain restaurant. A different kind of entertainment is provided by the Kronberg (1,663 metres above sea level) near Gonten with its 1,000-metre alpine coaster and a rope park. But students from the University of St.Gallen can also be found away from the Alpstein mountains.

Sports, culture, associations

Moritz Günter (20), an undergraduate majoring in economics, says this about his holiday plans: "Besides my holiday abroad, I mainly enjoy myself with sports in the St.Gallen region. I frequently play football or tennis with my friends or go jogging. Also, I work in my father’s company." Gaining work experience and earning money is an important component of the semester holidays. Sports provide a welcome change from work. The primary focal points in connection with sports are the artificial turf of the University of St.Gallen, the football pitch in Kreuzbleiche and the Gründenmoos in Abtwil. In bad weather, a visit to the cinema or the Säntispark are options.

Assessment Year student Mattea Bieniok (20) explains that University associations also remain active in St.Gallen: "I’ll probably participate in the St.Gallen Dancing Convention with my friends in the Salsita Rica Association. This event will take place from 8 to 11 September. Also, I’d like to go to the Weihern Openair from 15 to 17 September." Since 2012, the unique atmosphere up by the Three Ponds has predominantly been created by national bands. In the August-September period, further Eastern Swiss music festivals will be staged in Gossau (BBC Open) and Arbon (Summer Days Festival), to name but two.

The three students demonstrate that Eastern Switzerland has a great deal to offer during the semester holidays, too. Whether it is sports, relaxation or larger-scale events – those who seek will find them. Many also scan the region with their smartphones for pokémons and conquer virtual arenas for their own teams. Others, again, are making preparations for a semester abroad or writing a thesis. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy the semester holidays!

Thomas Tarantini is studying Business Administration in the fourth semester and is also enrolled in Book and Publishing Studies.

photo: Georg Brunner

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