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Schuppli awarded teaching prize

The HSG’s Student Union annually awards the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching to excellent teachers. This year, the prize went to Dr Reto Schuppli, Lecturer in Mathematics.


14 May 2012. The President of the Student Union, Philipp Wellstein, awarded the prize for excellent teaching to Dr Reto Schuppli on the occasion of the dies academicus. This prize, which is awarded on behalf of all the students, is a symbol of their esteem for the winner’s excellent way of teaching.

“Maths is fun”
Reto Schuppli describes his incentive as follows: “Like many people I’m of the opinion that mathematics is very useful. Like most mathematicians I believe that mathematics is incredibly beautiful. Also, I’m convinced that mathematics really is fun.”

Students’ decision
The prize was established by the Student Union in 2005 in order to create an incentive for good teaching. Since 2006, the Credit Suisse Foundation has supported it with prize money. All the students are able to participate in the nomination and election of the prize winner. A committee set up by the Student Union selects student proposals. The resulting list of six to ten nominees is then again submitted to the students’ vote. The nominee with the best result is the new prize winner.

Prize winners to data
2011 Prof. James Davis, Ph.D.

2010 Dr. Dirk Schäfer

2009 Prof. Dr. Manfred Gärtner

2008 Prof. Dr. Rolf Peter Sieferle

2007 Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak

2006 Prof. Dr. Kerstin Odendahl

2005 Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei

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