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Renovated HSG inaugurated

The inauguration of the renovated and extended Campus is the focal point of the latest issue of the HSGBlatt. Further topics include an interview with the HSG’s two experts in business ethics, Beschorner and Wettstein.


26 September 2011. Today the new HSGBlatt has appeared, the newspaper by and about the University of St.Gallen. One of its foci is the official inauguration of the renovated and extended Campus and the Open Day, to which the general public were invited.

40 years of IWP-HSG

Law Professor Ivo Schwander will retire at the end of January 2012. Alfred Koller has written an appreciation of his work. The Institute of Business Education and Educational Management (IWP-HSG) is celebrating its 40th anniversary; interesting information about this institute can be found on p. 5, as can an interview with Thomas Zellweger of the new Chair of Family Business.

In this issue’s expert interview, the HSG’s two new experts in business ethics, Thomas Beschorner and Florian Wettstein, answer questions in connection with their discipline.

New Annual Report

A week before the latest HSGBlatt, the new Annual Report of the University of St.Gallen appeared. On more than 150 pages, it reviews the academic year of 2010-11 in texts, facts, figures and pictures.

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