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Remaining unruffled in examinations

The jitters, fitful sleep and sweaty hands are often part and parcel of examinations. In the new brochure published by the HSG, students will find tips for more composure in times of tension.


2 February 2011. The HSG Administration’s Planning and Organisation Groupsupervises about 4,000 students during central examinations. Many students do not cope well with the pressure during that time. Sometimes candidates are so riddled with anxiety that they have to abandon examinations owing to severe physical and psychological problems. However, it need not come to that.

13 practical tips against pressure
With a brochure,AnjaThunemann, the HSG’s Head of Examinations, wants to help students to convert adversely felt tension into motivation. The brochure provides an overview of the main causes of stress, which becomes negative if physical sensitivity suffers. In particular, the tips are intended to help undergraduates who are trying to find their bearings in the Assessment Year to organise learning periods in order to avoid unnecessary time pressure.

Remaining healthy in times of tension
Even simple things can help students to remain healthy and unruffled in stressful times: regular physical exercise, healthy food, steady breathing and a good organisation of examination blocks. “A healthy breakfast is also important before exams. Many people forget about that and risk a rapid loss of energy,” saysAnjaThunemann, who advises students on how to plan their examinations.

Obtaining advice from “experts for change”
The HSG’s Psychological Counselling Service supports students who are experiencing severe changes with free advice. “Often, the very first conversation already helps our clients to see a crisis from different perspectives,” saysDörteResch, Head of the Counseling Service. The psychologist underlines that seeking advice is an important skill in life. She conceives of her team as “experts for change” in the desired direction. Support is also provided by the Unisport doctor in his free weekly clinic. Healthy tension is also a question of training, which is where students are also supported by the wide range of courses offered by Unisport.

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