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Public lecture internet addiction

From 16 April onwards, a public lecture series entitled “Pathological use of the media and internet addiction – what is no longer normal in the Web 2.0?” will take place at the HSG.


10 April 2012. The everyday life of children, young people and families is no longer conceivable without the use of modern electronic interactive media. Whereas an overwhelming majority of children, young people and adults make a creative, constructive and prosocial use of these media, there are various forms of pathological relationships with them.

Intensive use or addiction?
In this five-part lecture series Dr. med. Oliver Bilke-Hentsch, paediatrician and paedriatic psychiatrist, will present the opportunities and risks of the modern media from the perspective of development psychology. However, he will also present severely abnormal developments from a clinical point of view. Bilke-Hentsch will pay particular attention to the difficult grey area between intensive and addictive media use. In this way, people who are afflicted and their relations will be better able to assess the danger potential.

Active involvement by participants
Bilke-Hentsch will work out the wide range from creative to destructive behaviour together with participants, with the focus being on individuals and the family. Bilke-Hentsch will make use of individual examples, which can also be put forward by the audience, to demonstrate the typical pattern of dysfunctional media behaviour. Subsequently, possible solutions will be discussed.

The lectures will start on Mondays at 6.15 p.m. 

Foto: Fotalia / Gina Sanders

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