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Public lecture courses in autumn 2020: From pandemic to theology

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is inviting the public to 34 public lecture series in the 2020 Autumn Semester. As is the case every semester, professors of the university and external lecturers will offer wide range of lectures on all kinds of subjects - for example, economics, literature or theology. The public programme of the HSG will start on 15 September 2020. In this year of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a registration obligation for all public lectures (online or by telephone).

1. September 2020. Some extraordinary weeks and months lie behind us: The coronavirus, initially perceived as a headline affecting faraway Wuhan in China, engulfed the whole world within a very short time and also for a time almost brought public life in Switzerland to a standstill. The lockdown also affected the HSG directly. Regular teaching was converted into online teaching formats and regretfully the public lecture programme had to be cancelled in spring - a first in the history of public lecture courses.

Lasting changes?

Three lecture series will deal directly or indirectly this semester with subjects related to the pandemic. The HSG political scientist Claudia Brühwiler in her series, "After the coronavirus pandemic: will everything stay different?" will address the subject of which changes will be permanent after the pandemic. Among others, in the prominently staffed lecture series (from 21.9, Daniel Koch, former head of the "Transmissible diseases" department at the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), will provide a glance behind the scenes at crisis management in the federal government. In the philosophy lectures (from 15.10.), the political science lecturer Regula Stämpfli will deal with the nature of modern biopolitics post-coronavirus. Finally, the psychotherapist Ursula Germann and other lecturers will deal with these multi-layered subjects in the lecture series "Fear, anxiety and panic" (from 13.10.), which in various forms also helped to put their stamp on our personal, professional and political daily life during the coronavirus pandemic. 

What are the next steps in health care?

The planning, organisation, control and financing of the health system encompasses many different challenges. The various actors - health insurers, service providers, cantons or pharmaceutical industry - interact in a regulated market. With the assistance of insights from health economics, these regulations should be configured to ensure that their effectiveness is high without losing sight of economic efficiency. The lecture series "Sick health care? – health economics and policy in theory and practice" will examine these questions from 17 September on a total of six evenings.

As long as the lions do not learn to write…

Being a writer means speaking with other voices. But first it means learning to speak with your own voice. Otherwise, what the African saying warns against will happen: as long as the lions do not learn to write, every story will glorify the hunter. The author Christoph Keller, St.Gallen, will take his three poetry lectures (from 17 September) as an opportunity to revisit his comprehensive, multi-voiced works, which among other things include novels, plays, essays, short and very short stories, as well as photographs.

"HSG in tune with the times"

In the new series "HSG in tune with the times", three HSG lecturers will discuss current topics of social relevance from different perspectives. The lead time for these series has been kept deliberately short in order to be able to tackle current topics without delay. The first edition of the series will deal with the Brexit negotiations which are to be concluded by the end of the year. What is the future of Europe after 2020? In the first edition of "HSG in tune with the times", the political scientists Thomas Burri and Dirk Lehmkuhl, as well as the economist Simon Evenett, will lecture on this topic from 10 November.

Obligatory registration

The health of the audience has top priority; the public programme will be conducted in the context of the behavioural rules and protective concept for the Autumn Semester 2020. All of those attending must register for all lectures in this coronavirus year. Either online at or by telephone 071 224 21 11.

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