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Philosophy in the cinema

On 7 November at 7.30 p.m., the IWE will conduct a public discussion about the “Dream of Captialism” in Christian Petzold’s film Yella (2007). Philosophy lecturer Martin Booms will debate the issue with the audience in the KinoK.


2 November 2012. The organiser of the “Philosophy in the Cinema” series on 7 November at 7.30 p.m. is the Akademie für Sozialethik und Öffentliche Kultur (ask). In St.Gallen, the cinema evenings take place in cooperation with the Institute for Business Ethics and the KinoK in the Lokremise. Martin Booms is the Managing Director of the Bonn Akademie and Lecturer in Critical Thinking at the HSG. He will conduct a debate with the audience after the performance. The cinema evening is open to the public. Tickets for students are available at reduced rates.

The fragile reality of the economy
In Christian Petzold’s film, Yella (Nina Hoss), a young woman from Wittenberge, wants to make a new start: she leaves her old home, her beloved father, her failed marriage to Ben (Hinnerk Schönemann) and his insolvent firm in order to get a foothold in the modern economic world of the west. But Yella’s old world keeps breaking through the calculating hustle and bustle of her life in an unsettling manner – like a dream which curiously does not stop when she wakes up and becomes an unpredictable companion. More and more, the borderline between present reality and remembered past in Yella’s life becomes blurred – and along with it the taken-for-grantedness of well-practised rituals and flaunted self-confidence in the new world of venture capital business.

No monetary value without material value
In the public discussion, HSG lecturer Martin Booms will focus on the disconnection of money from its actual (bartering) value. Ideal (fiscal) values determine real (produced) values – no intrinsic value without monetary value. Unsecured by material countervalues, the ideal fiscal values mutate into mere speculative fiction in a void: the real material values determine the ideal fiscal values – no monetary value without material value.

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