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Philosophy in the cinema

On 26 April at 7.30 p.m. the IWE will be staging a public discussion in the "KinoK" at St.Gallen about justice and violence in Susanne Bier’s film "In a Better World". Dr. Martin Booms will be conducting the debate.


23 April 2012. The “Philosophy in the cinema” series is organised by Bonn’s Akademie für Sozialethik und Öffentliche Kultur (ask). The cinema soirée in St.Gallen is offered by the Akademie in cooperation with the Institute for Business Ethics and the KinoK in St.Gallen’s Lokremise. Martin Booms is the Director of the Bonn Akademie and Lecturer in Critical Thinking at the HSG. The two film soirées are open to the public; reduced-rate tickets are available to students.

A debate on justice and violence
In Susanne Bier’s Drama “In a Better World”, which was awarded an Oscar in 2011, the paths cross of two families who do not deserve the name any longer. The Danish cineaste interweaves a wide variety of plot lines into a human tragedy in which no one is solely a victim or a perpetrator.

Working world out of balance
On Thursday, 17 May at 7.30 p.m. the second film soirée will take place in the KinoK on the topic of “Work at any price?” The film “It’s a Free World” will be shown, and then Booms will conduct a debate on “Modern work between dignity, value and competition” with the audience. In the film, Ken Loach traces the problematic conditions of the modern working proletariat. The film “It’s a Free World” was awarded the EIUC Human Rights Film Award at the 64th International Film Festival in Venice.

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