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"Once upon a time…" – what fairy tales reveal about love, sex and marriage

From Monday, 11 April onwards, Barbara Gobrecht will set out to explore jealousy, innocence and stupidity in fairy tales. In the public three-part lecture course on "Brave dragon slayers, beautiful Snow White and the silence wager" at the University of St.Gallen, the audience will learn what fairy tales reveal about love, sex and marriage.

4 April 2016. Fairy tales reflect all the essential elements of human existence: questions, fear, joy, uncertainty and hope. These old, internationally known narratives begin with "Once upon a time…", which supposedly carries us off into the past. But fairy tales do not only refer to our forebears and their problems, they also touch on the problems of the present day. In the public lecture given by Dr. Barbara Gobrecht, the audience will discover surprising things, primarily about love, sex and marriage.

On the first evening, on 11 April, Barbara Gobrecht will ask: "What do dragon slayers do on their wedding night?". She will talk about dragons and witches, as well as animal-loving brothers and their spouses. The focus will be on chastity and jealousy. The second lecture, on 18 April, will be devoted to stepmothers, giants and dwarves, as well as undead girls and princes in love. Under the heading of "Why does Snow White need seven dwarves?", Barbara Gobrecht will home in on innocence and deliberate deception. Stupidity and cleverness will be the topic of the final lecture, on 25 April: "What do bridal and married couples reproach each other with in fairy tales and farces?" The audience will find out about impudent women and men, sweet silly girls and clever farmers' daughters, as well as couples who do not want to talk to each other.

The lectures will take place at the University of St.Gallen in Room HSG 01-110 and will start on Mondays at 6.15 p.m. Dates: 11 April, 18 April and 25 April.

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