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New ombudsman at the HSG

The new HSGBlatt presents ombudsman Christoph Leuenberger. Further topics include the CEMS Annual Events 2012 and an interview with the Deputy Director General of the ICRC.


16 April 2012. The cover story of the latest issue of the HSGBlatt concerns Emeritus Professor Christoph Leuenberger. He is the University of St.Gallen’s first ombudsman and in this capacity heads the newly created HSG Ombudman’s Office.

“Pioneer and polymath”
In an interview Jürgen Brücker, Head of External Relations and Development, looks at the CEMS Annual Events 2012, which will take place in St.Gallen late this year. About 2,000 guests from home and abroad are expected to take part.

Meanwhile, the two professors Klaus Spremann (Finance) und Peter Sieferle will retire at the end of the current semester. Spremann is regarded as a “pioneer of finance and internationalisation” at the HSG, Sieferle as “a polymath”.

Sports and academia
Many HSG members are very actively involved in sports, among them Martin Engeler, captain of TSV St.Otmar, a handball club with a long tradition. He will terminate his sporting career this spring, but will continue to work for the HSG.

Robert Mardini, Deputy Director General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), speaks about “Helping survive armed conflicts” in his interview. He was at the University of St.Gallen on the occasion of “Challenge the Best”.

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