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New Chair of Business Law

The Lemann Foundation and the HSG have established the Lemann Chair of International Business Law and of Law and Economics at the HSG. The new legal chair of Peter Sester will deal with economics and law in Brazil and Switzerland.


28 January 2014. The Lemann Chair of Law and Economics is part of the Law School of the University of St.Gallen. Peter Sester will extend the University’s educational network in Brazil and thus also make a contribution towards the HSG’s internationalisation, not least in close cooperation with the HSG representation in São Paulo.

The work of the chair is made possible through the financial commitment of the charitable Zurich-based Lemann Foundation (Fundação Lemann), which supports educational initiatives primarily in Brazil, the USA and now also increasingly in Switzerland.

The chair’s activities are safeguarded in the long term: funding has been guaranteed for 16 years, after which the chair will be integrated into the University’s normal employment plan. The advertising for and appointment of the chair holder were governed by the University’s appointment rules for professors.

Educating talents in Brazil
“We are pleased that the University of St.Gallen has found an excellently interconnected partner for Swiss-Brazilian research activities in the Lemann Foundation,” says HSG President Thomas Bieger. The chair was a further investment in the HSG’s relations with Latin America, which had grown historically over many years.

“I’m looking forward to educating young talents and executives in and for Brazil and to cultivating lively communication between the HSG and the Latin American continent,” says Peter Sester. To this end, the Lemann Chair of International Business Law and of Law and Economics will cooperate closely with the HSG’s representation in São Paulo and the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo de la Universidad de San Gallen (CLS-HSG).

Research into international business law
Peter Sester’s research focuses on international business law with a special emphasis on company and financial market law, European fiscal law and Brazilian commercial and business law. His research activities are characterised in equal measure by their diversity and by their special depth and practical relevance.

Peter Sester has a widespread international network and is therefore also regarded as an authority on business law outside the German-speaking academic area. At present, he is conducting research on the effects of European financial market law on third-party states (particularly Switzerland and Brazil), as well as legal and economic issues surrounding family offices. To date, he has been a visiting professor at six Latin American universities.

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