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“Money” in the University magazine

The latest issue of our digital University magazine, HSG Focus, deals with the topic of money. What is money actually? How do we use it today? And what about the future of the global financial system?

26 November. Dough, lolly, bread, moolah, spondulicks – a list that could be continued almost at will. Money has as many nicknames as hardly anything else in the world. Money serves to define corporate success, personal status, and entrepreneurial and personal prospects. But money is not everything. Say those, at least, who have got enough of it.

The HSG Focus issue of November 2013 is completely devoted to the topic of money. It does not only look at perspectives of financial and economic policy, though, but also at ethical, cultural and student-related aspects. “Time is money” is the title of economist Monika Bütler’s article, whereas business ethicist Thomas Beschorner observes in a video interview, for example, that we human beings “make excessive use of things without price tags”.

The campus part of the current issue also homes in on “Management for monasteries”. At the same time, our columnist and HSG Vice-President Ulrike Landfester casts a glance at work. The latest issue of HSG Focus consists of about 40 contributions – essays, interviews, videos, audios and picture galleries.

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