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Jonas Lüscher to lecture at the University of St.Gallen

The Swiss writer Jonas Lüscher will give a three-part lecture as part of the public programme. He will ask himself: What role can “committed literature” play to get over the “narrative arbitrariness” of our times? The first lecture will take place in the Room for Literature in the Post Office Building near the Railway Station on Tuesday, 7 March 2019.

28 February 2019. "Escape into narration". The title of this year's poetry lecture by the Swiss writer Jonas Lüscher will take the audience along on just such an escape. On three evenings, he will treat three different topics: on the first evening, on 7 March, he will talk about the relationship between quantitative bedazzlement and narrative arbitrariness. He will examine the question as to why we find ourselves in an age today which is characterised by the story of this relationship.

A week later, on 14 March, Jonas Lüscher will focus on a biographical movement and how a narrative can do justice to an individual case. On the final evening, on 21 March, he will ponder the question whether writing can be compatible with political activism in the first place and how committed literature interacts with the committed writer.

Winner of the Swiss Book Prize
Jonas Lüscher was born in Schlieren in 1976 and grew up in Berne. He attended a teachers' training college in Berne. In 2009, he graduated in philosophy in Munich, and in 2011, be started to write a doctoral thesis in philosophy at ETH Zurich but did not conclude this project. In 2013, his first novel Frühling der Barbaren ("Spring of the barbarians") appeared, which was immediately well received by both critics and readers and was nominated for the Swiss and German Book Prizes. His second novel, Kraft ("Force", 2017) also generated an enthusiastic echo across the board. Jonas Lüscher was awarded the Swiss Book Prize for it.

Picture: Ekko von Schwichow

Thursday, 6.15-7.45 p.m., Raum für Literatur, Post Office Building near St.Gallen Railway Station (south entrance, St.Leonhard-Strasse 40, 3rd floor, lift available)
7 March Quantitative bedazzlement and narrative arbitrariness – the story of a relationship
14 March
Doing justice to an individual case – a biographical movement
21 March
Writing and political activism – a step back?

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