Campus - 11.02.2015 - 00:00 

HSG terms explained simply

There are terms that are only used at universities. To provide people with some bearings in the landscape of university terminology, the HSG will present a term once a month and explain how it is used at the University of St.Gallen. We'll start with P as in President's Board.


16 February 2015. In February, the new President's Board assumed office – a piece of information which HSG members understand. But what does the President's Board actually do? From A as in admission test to V as in visiting professor, the University of St.Gallen uses a variety of academic terms which may be unclear to the general public at first sight and need to be explained.

This is why the University of St.Gallen will explain one academic term every month, starting with "P as in President's Board". Among other things, readers will learn whether the President is the University's CEO and whether the President’s Board is thus the executive board.

In the course of time, the terms will constitute a glossary, which new students, new members of staff and everyone who is interested in life on the campus can use as a work of reference.

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