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HSG team victorious for the 7th time

The team made up of staff from the University of St.Gallen successfully defended the title in the Unisport invitation tournament against the FC Cantonal Parliament, the SC Municipal Parliament and the Rotmonten District Association.


3 July 2015. Were the players around coach Marius Hasenböhler inspired by the Women’s World Cup in Canada? Or by the visit of Executive Director Markus Brönnimann and the prospect of a barbecue should they win? The question cannot be answered with any certainty.

It is a fact, though, that the HSG side secured victory in the invitation football tournament for the seventh time with two victories and a draw. The runner-up was the FC Cantonal Parliament, the Rotmonten District Association came third and the SC Municipal Parliament was in fourth place.

Four teams competed against each other

In splendid weather, all four teams fought for victory in exciting and fair matches of three times 20 minutes. The sides were more evenly matched than last year. The District Association was reinforced by players from FC Rotmonten. Coach Bruno Wüest provided resounding instructions from the boundary, which ultimately resulted in a victory and a draw.

The FC Cantonal Parliament around Felix Bischofberger achieved three draws and won the penalty shoot-out twice. In the match against the later winner, the FC Cantonal Parliament goalie produced several miraculous saves, as he did in the penalty shoot-out. Perhaps the team of the University of St.Gallen was also intimidated by the not quite serious threat from a member of the FC Cantonal Parliament: “We’ll keep the performance agreement with the University of St.Gallen at a low amount if we don’t win.”

Match analysis with Bratwurst

After the games, all the teams met for a convivial get-together and match analysis with beer and bratwurst sausages. The objective for 2016 was defined. In 2015, the matches were evenly contested and the score differences were low. In 2016, this is expected to be reflected in the position table in that the HSG will be ousted from first place. This would also refute the following statement from a municipal MP: “The HSG probably issues invitations in a way that ensures that they’ll win every time.”

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