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HSG retains the "Triple Crown" and renews its EQUIS seal of approval

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) has renewed the EQUIS label of the University of St.Gallen until 2028. EQUIS stands for European Quality Improvement System. Worldwide, 210 business schools are accredited, but only 123 of them have achieved the accreditation by all three quality labels – EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA – earning them the prestigious "Triple Crown" status.
Worldwide, 210 business schools are accredited, but only 123 of them have achieved the accreditation by all three quality labels – EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA – earning them the prestigious "Triple Crown" status.

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) places great importance on. the internationally recognised quality of its education, research and continuing education programmes. For this reason, HSG undergoes regular assessments by independent experts through accreditation processes  and verifies its quality through independent institutions. The University has been EQUIS-accredited since 2001. Following the latest re-accreditation process, HSG has been awarded this seal of quality for a maximum period of five years. In 2028, it will again undergo evaluation by the EFMD. 

Quality agenda for the future of the University of St.Gallen

EQUIS accreditation is about excellence and continuous quality improvement in business school strategy, vision and governance. It helps the University to set a quality agenda for its future. The peer review process enables open discussions about HSG's strengths and challenges. University President, Bernhard Ehrenzeller, emphasises the value of external feedback stating, "The feedback is always very helpful as it gives us an external perspective on what we can do better." He further adds:  

"The University of St.Gallen is delighted to have obtained the prestigious EQUIS seal of approval for an additional five-year term – just as it celebrates its 125th anniversary. By securing the reaccreditation according to the best and most comprehensive European quality standard for business schools, HSG reaffirms its commitment to excellence as an integrative business university that sets standards worldwide in research and education. What is of particular importance to us about the accreditation process is the valuable external perspective provided by the peer review and open discussions , guiding us in sustaining and advancing the University of St.Gallen's excellence. It is precisely this forward-looking approach and dedication to continuous quality improvement that will ensure our long-erm success well beyond our anniversary year."

EFMD accreditation is one of the best and most comprehensive ways to certify the quality of a business school. The accreditation process involves a comprehensive self-assessment undertaken by the school itself, followed by an on-site visit from an international review team that last several days, during which the team conducts interviews with various stakeholders within the institution. Lastly, a highly experienced panel of experts evaluate the analysis and findings of the review team to determine if the school meets the criteria for accreditation.

The "Triple Crown" – international accreditations for business schools

The various accreditations that HSG has achieved look at and evaluate the University from different perspectives. EQUIS evaluates the entire institution, AACSB focuses more on the HSG’s School of Management (SOM-HSG) and the School of Finance (SOF-HSG). AMBA focuses on the continuing education programmes. EQUIS accreditation was first awarded in 2001, AACSB accreditation in 2003 and AMBA accreditation in 2019. HSG proudly holds the "Triple Crown" of international accreditations for business schools.

Further development until re-accreditation in 2028

There are 210 EQUIS-accredited business schools worldwide, 110 of them are located in Europe and 4 in Switzerland (IMD, HEC Lausanne, HSG, UZH). Only 123 institutions worldwide have achieved the "Triple Crown" status, holding all three quality seals EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA. However, accreditation is an ongoing process, with continuous development and improvement being the key focus. And that is why our audit teams adhere to the principle that “after accreditation is before accreditation”. The development areas are identified in collaboration with EQUIS and reviewed after 2.5 years. “Continuous development and reaccreditation are important for HSG,” emphasises President Ehrenzeller, further adding: “EQUIS and the other accreditations are part of a process that ensures that we receive feedback from external experts. This fosters the emergence of fresh ideas resulting in the excellence for which HSG is known being upheld and further enhanced. We take pride in EQUIS acknowledging our strengths and will work even harder on the areas that offer room for improvement.”

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