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HSG President’s Board appointed until 2020

After the members of the President’s Board of the University of St.Gallen were reappointed by the Senate and the University’s Board of Governors, this reappointment has now been approved by the Government of the Canton of St.Gallen. The current President, Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger, as well as Vice-Presidents Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend and Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler, are available for another year’s term of office. Vice-President Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester’s term of office will come to an end of 31 January 2019.

5 March 2018. The term of office of the current President's Board of the University of St.Gallen with President Thomas Bieger, Vice-President Ulrike Landfester (External Relations), Lukas Gschwend (Studies & Academic Affairs) and Kuno Schedler (Research & Faculty) will come to an end on 31 January 2019. After eight years on the President’s Board, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester did not stand for re-election any longer. 

Owing to various large-scale projects (Joint Medical Master in St.Gallen, degree programme in business IT and management, and the campus extension), the remaining three members will be available for another year, until 31 January 2020.

Appointment procedure

To pave the way for the appointment of a President's Board for the term of office starting on 1 February 2020, the Senate has set up a selection committee on the strength of a new procedure approved by the University’s Board of Governors. The new President's Board is expected to be appointed in early 2019.

The appointment of a Vice-President for External Relations for the term of office beginning on 1 February 2019 is expected to be made by autumn 2018, depending on the status of the appointment procedure for the new President’s Board.

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