Campus - 09.01.2024 - 11:15 

HSG parts ways with two professors

The University of St.Gallen is ending its cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle as full professor and director of the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM). In addition, the cooperation with a titular professor also working at ISCM, who has been accused of breaches of academic integrity, has been terminated.

In order to avoid lengthy and costly legal disputes, the parties involved have agreed on a settlement of all claims. The titular professor will leave HSG on 30.4.2024, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle on 31.7.2024. Until then, both professors have been released from their duties.

Wolfgang Stölzle 

In October 2022, the University of St.Gallen commissioned an administrative investigation into the management of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stölzle at the Institute for Supply Chain Management (ISCM). In its final report of 2 May 2023, the investigation committee found that there was a problematic management culture at the Institute. According to the commission, Wolfgang Stölzle was involved in multiple conflicts of interest between official and private financial interests. In addition, he had repeatedly been guilty of misconduct under employment law. Based on the Commission's report, further investigations were carried out, discussions held and an overall assessment made. In the opinion of HSG, Wolfgang Stölzle is seriously damaging the reputation of the University as a whole in accordance with Art. 41 of the University Statutes. 

Wolfgang Stölzle refers to his submission of 4 September 2023 as part of his right to be heard, in which, in his view, the finding of a violation of relevant official regulations and thus further measures are fully refuted. Wolfgang Stölzle considers the accusations made anonymously by employees against him to be unfounded and points out that the Commission's report of 2 May 2023 also calls for action on the part of HSG. He does not see how his actions could have caused damage to the University's reputation. 

Titular professor

In December 2022, the University commissioned an administrative investigation into allegations of plagiarism against a titular professor at HSG. Based on two expert opinions, the committee came to the conclusion that there had been a significant breach of the rules of academic integrity. It found that the professor had repeatedly used parts of student papers for his own publications without citing the relevant sources. In the University's view, this confirms the allegations of plagiarism in several cases. 

The titular professor disputes the commission's findings. In his opinion, today's integrity guidelines cannot be applied to the publications in question with reference to the historical context and the practice at the time. Furthermore, he claims to have had close and consensual cooperation with the individual students in question. If students feel hurt by the behaviour of their supervisor, he regrets this and mentions that this was in no way his intention. The ongoing review of the titular professor's habilitation is still in progress.  


In order to avoid lengthy and costly legal disputes, the parties have agreed on a settlement of all claims. The titular professor will leave the University of St.Gallen on 30 April 2024. In the case of Wolfgang Stölzle, his departure will take effect on 31 July 2024. Both are on leave until their departure. Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli will act as trustee of the Institute of Supply Chain Management until further notice.

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