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HSG Library at the OFFA

The series of events “Das Buch an der OFFA” will present a varied programme centring around the world of books for the sixth time. The Library of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) will be part of it for the first time.


9 April 2015. For the first time ever, the University of St.Gallen will be represented at the OFFA. Visitors will experience the University Library at first hand at a stand modelled on the Library on the occasion of the special show "Das Buch an der OFFA". The HSG librarians will present the public services of the University Library such as lending, searching and advice. In addition, they will point out the reading "Das andere Buch an der Uni" and will accept subscriptions to personal library passes, which entitle holders to avail themselves of all the services of the University Library.

Book Talk at Lunchtime

At the Book Talk at Lunchtime on Sunday, 19 April, at noon, Prof. Dr. Roman Capaul from the HSG's Institute of Business Education and Educational Management and editor of numerous textbooks will speak about the topic of "Textbooks in the era of Google & Co." In a conversation with the cultural journalist Michael Hasler, he will discuss the extent to which textbooks are still significant in the age of the internet and how both media can complement each other. The Book Talk is a programme item of the special show "Das Buch an der OFFA".

Body and mind

At its stand, the University will not only present its Library services but also its public lectures. About 40 lectures – the HSG's lectures for everyone since as early as 1899 – with a wide gamut of topics ranging from economics, language and literature to history, sociology, politics and psychology attract an audience of several thousand people from the region every semester. More than ten years ago, the programme was complemented by the Children's University, which year after year familiarises up to 2,000 primary school pupils with university education.

At the University's stand, Unisport rounds off the HSG’s public services with the exercise, fun and sports event "Kronberg Family Days". Unisport will be organising the Family Days in cooperation with Kronbergbahnen for the fifth time already. At the OFFA, anyone who is interested in this event will be able to find out what they can expect in terms of fun, games and sports for the whole family on 30 and 31 May 2015.

Picture: OFFA

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