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HSG lectures in Heerbrugg

In the current spring semester, the HSG is inviting the general public to attend four lectures on the issue of "Migration" in Heerbrugg Cantonal School. The first lecture will take place on 30 April.


23 April 2013. In the lecture series "The HSG in the region", four members of the faculty of the University of St.Gallen will deal with various fields of migration research. They will focus on topics from a national and an international perspective and apply findings from the HSG subjects of constitutional law, economics, history and law to them.

Specific migration law cases
The first lecture will be given on 30 April by Prof. em. Dr. Heinz Hauser. The Emeritus Professor of Economics will discuss "Links between international trade and migration". On 7 May, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller and Dr. Christa Luterbacher will react to legal questions raised by migration streams. Their topic will be "Migration and refugee law". Judge Luterbacher and Professor of Public Law Ehrenzeller will discuss specific cases from the Federal Administrative Court.

Climate change and migration
The evening of 14 May will be devoted to political changes faced by international organisations in Geneva. The SNF Professor and Assistant Professor of Latin American and International History, Prof. Corinne A. Pernet, Ph.D., will talk about "Migration and population policy in international organisations". On 22 May, Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei, Professor of Political Science, will discuss the impact of climate change on the population under the heading of "Climate and migration".

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