Campus - 01.07.2014 - 00:00 

HSG defends trophy

The World Cup appears to have inspired the HSG team: it defended the trophy against the FC Cantonal Parliament, the SC Municipal Parliament and the Rotmonten District Association in Unisport’s invitation football tournament.


4 July 2014. Inspired by the Football World Cup in Brazil, the HSG Administration team scored three wins to secure the trophy in the invitation football tournament for the sixth time. The runner-up was the FC Cantonal Parliament, followed by the SC Municipal Parliament, with the Rotmonten District Association in fourth place.

In magnificent weather, all four teams played for the trophy in exciting and fair matches, with each team playing three matches of 20 minutes. In two matches, the winning side could only be determined in a penalty shoot-out. The invitation tournament with the football enthusiasts among the cantonal and municipal politicians was launched in 2009 and now already has a fixed position in Unisport's event calendar. A selection of the Rotmonten District Association first took part in 2012.

After the games, all the teams met in the Sports Hall for a convivial evening and a match analysis over beer and bratwurst. And the objective for 2015 is likely to be clear to everyone: for the HSG Administration, to defend the trophy once more; and for the others, to knock the HSG team off their pedestal at last.

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