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HSG awarded institutional accreditation until 2029

The Swiss Accreditation Council has awarded institutional accreditation in accordance with the Federal Act on Funding and Coordination of the Swiss Higher Education Sector (HEdA) to the University of St.Gallen (HSG) for seven years.

31 May 2022. In the course of the accreditation procedure, the University’s quality assurance system was reviewed based on standards. These quality standards cover the areas of quality assurance strategy, governance, teaching, research and services, resources, as well as internal and external communication. An international group of reviewers evaluated the HSG’s approach with regard to quality assurance and development on the basis of extensive self-evaluation documents and numerous interviews with students, alumni and alumnæ, faculty members of all levels, as well as representatives of the administrative staff, the university management and the University’s Board of Governors.

Valuable outside perspective

The differentiated view from the outside emphasises the strengths of the University’s quality approach of “joint and shared responsibility” and gives it a positive rating. The reviewers stress the “strong team spirit”, the great “commitment to the University” in all respects and the representative groups’ high degree of participation in the development and implementation of the quality assurance system. Special mention is given to the University’s relationship with its alumni organisation, the HSG Foundation and the canton, as well as students’ active participation and involvement in decision-making processes and the further development of the University.

Entrenching sustainability in a strategic and comprehensive manner

The decision to award the accreditation to the University of St.Gallen also entailed a future-oriented requirement: while a great number of existing initiatives and projects were fully accomplished, the sphere of sustainability will have to be positioned more strongly. Within the next two years, the University is expected to develop an overriding strategy that will reveal how the University defines SDGs that are relevant to it and what objectives it sets itself for ecological, social and economic sustainability. The HSG’s even stronger preoccupation with the various dimensions of sustainability and its interaction in the fields of teaching, research, services, as well as management and administration, will thus be raised to, and intensified on, the strategic level of university development.

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