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Germany in HSG Focus

The latest issue of the digital university magazine is all about Germany. The reason for this is the federal elections of 22 September 2013. The dossier extends to 20 articles about topics ranging from politics to the economy.

5 September 2013. HSG Focus has taken the federal elections as a peg on which to hang a detailed view of the political, economic and social challenges of one of the world’s most successful countries. Germany’s role in an international context is also one of the topics, as are foreign perspectives on the German success model.

A selection of titles from the 20-part dossier:

- There must be a touch of “made in Germany”

- Political pick-a-stick: the German election ossifies in a paralysis of satisfaction

- From RAF to NSU: shaking the foundations of German democracy

- Some are more equal: political corruption in Germany

- What is healthy for the Russians is lethal for the Germans

In the campus part of the latest issue of HSG Focus, Vice-President Ulrike Landfester devotes her column to the latest St.Gallen work of art – a stone’s throw from the HSG. Further topics include the retirement of law professor Carl Baudenbacher, the new relaxation room and a report on the annual admission test for prospective foreign students at the HSG.

The third issue of HSG Focus contains about 50 contributions – texts, videos, audios and picture galleries.

HSG Focus is published as an app optimised for tablet computer and is also available in a smartphone version. Download free of charge from the App Store (from iOS 6.0) and Google Play (from Android 4.0). Landing page:

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