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Gaining experience worldwide

The current HSGBlatt reveals the faces behind the international SIM course, reports on Japanese students’ guest stays and on how young HSG researchers have been working on a project in Africa.


7 November 2011. The Financial Times places the SIM programme in first place in its ranking. Whose are the faces behind this excellent programme? In the current issue of the HSGBlatt, the newspaper by and about the University of St.Gallen, Stephanie Sparer from Italy, Mandy Tao from Canada and Jiayin Wang from China are given a voice. They are convinced by the SIM course and confident about their career prospects. President Thomas Bieger comments on the significance of university rankings.

New partner programme with Hosei University

Every year, numerous students spend their guest stay at the University of St.Gallen. Three out of 25 Japanese students who are participating in the new exchange programme of Hosei University recount how they are experiencing their first autumn in Europe at the HSG.

Young researchers working on a project in Africa

A team of HSG researchers is developing a business plan for local operators of water kiosks initiated by the Steinach company, Trunz Water Systems. Thanks to this solar-powered mobile water-processing unit, clean drinking water should become “business as usual” in Kenya.

Difference in mentality between entrepreneurship and financial management

In the expert interview, Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried, Professor and Director of the Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing (ACA-HSG), explains why management accounting is elementary in companies and why a CEO should also keep a watchful eye on accounting and reporting.

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