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“Energy” in the University magazine

We are using up more and more energy. But where it is supposed to come from? The latest number of our University magazine, HSG Focus, shows perspectives on present and future energy issues.


1 December 2015. We have reached a crossroads in the world of energy. Until about 1880, wood was the world's most important source of energy, which was then overtaken by brown coal. Today, wood is used as an energy supplier in less than 10 per cent of cases. Other sources like nuclear power and hydroelectric power, but also solar and wind energy, have long since replaced it. This means that we have exploited various new sources of energy since the 19th century and will continue to do so.

At the same time, mankind wants to reduce its ecological footprint. But changes are never easy, and changes concerning our energy consumption are a case in point. Although fossil fuels are not good for the environment, we are likely to need these efficient forms of energy in the future, too. Combustion engines, for example – particularly in transport vehicles and aircraft – will not be all that easy to replace. Thus there are hardly any simple answers to energy questions.

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