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“Elections” in the uni magazine

The latest issue of the digital University magazine, HSG Focus, is devoted to the topic of "Elections" – of course also on account of the Swiss federal electorate's going to the polls this coming October.


9 September 2015. No democracy without elections: our dossier illustrates the issue from a topical perspective and adds some fundamental observations about the present condition of democracy both at home and abroad. A selection of headlines:

  • "Electioneering communication in 2015"
  • "Everyone wants to strut on the national stage"
  • "Would we Swiss people be the better democrats?"
  • "Migration cannot be controlled just like that"
  • "Best friends in the Federal Palace"

In our campus part, it is law professor Peter Hettich's column that is worth reading as usual. This time he focuses on how we in Europe are fond of putting bureaucratic obstacles in the path of the entrepreneurial spirit ("Destruction without creation"). The alumni section includes an interview with Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein, whereas under the "Studies" heading, five HSG Shop vouchers worth CHF 100 each can be won. Good luck!

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