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Einstein Hotel and HSG cooperate

The Einstein Hotel and the HSG have entered a long-term partnership in the field of executive education. The congress building of the Einstein Hotel has been labelled as "Campus E" of the HSG.

6 December 2016. The HSG and the Einstein Hotel also regard this cooperation venture as an affirmation of their commitment to St.Gallen as a venue for executive education. About 5,000 people attend executive education courses of the University of St.Gallen every year. These courses are offered by the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, on the one hand, and by the institutes, on the other hand. According to the latest Regionalisation Report, participants in executive education courses spent about CHF 13m in the Appenzell AR - St.Gallen - Lake Constance region in 2013. Various HSG events, executive education courses and seminars accounted for 33,500 overnight stays in the city and the region. This is tantamount to just under one in five (18 per cent) overnight stays in the city and the region.

Executive education facility in the city

A majority of courses ranging from short seminars to the Executive MBA are run in the University’s own Executive Campus HSG. In the last few years, courses have also been offered in the congress centre of the Einstein Hotel and some even in the Zurich area. In order to be able to meet the gratifying demand for executive education with a suitable additional infrastructure, the Einstein Hotel and the University of St.Gallen have entered into a long-term partnership. The congress centre of the Einstein Hotel has been prominently labelled "Campus E" and should thus be clearly recognisable as an executive education facility of the HSG in town. Needless to say, the Einstein Hotel will remain a leading independent congress centre which makes its premises available to any prospective customers.

Cooperation for five years for the time being

On 6 December, the two partners officially inaugurated Campus E. "We’re pleased with this long-term partnership. We’re convinced that with our seminar rooms, the high-end catering and hotel facilities and the fitness park, we’ll be able to offer an attractive infrastructure for HSG executive education courses of a top standard," said Michael Vogt, the Einstein Hotel’s General Manager. "We also regard this cooperation venture as an affirmation of our commitment to the location of St.Gallen and are pleased to have been able to pursue it with a first-class partner," said Vice-President Kuno Schedler. For the time being, this cooperation is limited to the period of 2017-2021; thereafter an evaluation is planned. If both partners are satisfied, cooperation will be continued for an indefinite period of time.

Photo: Inauguration of the Campus E (left to right): Hildegard Fässler (Member of the HSG Board of Governors), Michael Vogt (General Manager Einstein St.Gallen), Vice President Ulrike Landfester, Vice President Kuno Schedler, Martin Huser (Vice President of the HSG Board of Governors).

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