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Dossier on "University" in HSG Focus

The latest edition of our digital University magazine HSG Focus homes in on the topic of "University". We will present some topics which specifically exercise the HSG, but also others, which generally deal with universities today and tomorrow.

5 December 2017. Universitas magistrorum et scolarium – universities have been working communities of teachers and learners for centuries. Today, they are an exciting world of science between basic research and practice orientation with players ranging from research assistants to full professors and from Assessment Year students to MBA graduates, united in their quest for insights and knowledge – researching, teaching and studying.

An academic world from which we picked out a few topics and compiled them into an HSG Focus dossier. "If there weren’t any universities, we’d have to invent them," Swissuniversities President Michael Hengartner told us in the interview about Switzerland as a place of research. Meanwhile, in a video clip, HSG President Thomas Bieger primarily speaks about present and future challenges for the University of St.Gallen, among them the urgently required campus extension and our digital world in the 21st century. The latter issue is also taken up by Professors Dieter Euler and Lukas Gschwend in their essay "Zwischen Humboldt und Digitalisierung" – between Humboldt and digitisation.

Lifelong learning

Teaching at the University of St.Gallen does not only take place in undergraduate, Master’s and doctoral courses, but also in executive education. We were able to take a look behind the scenes of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG) with Dean Winfried Ruigrok, Head of Marketing Friederike Rieder and two graduates.

What does it mean in today’s academic world if two people in a partnership are aiming for a university career? What responsibility do universities have when it comes to preparing students for their entry into the world of work, which is not always easy by a long chalk? And why is (tertiary) education still a luxury good in China, the world’s most populated country? These and further questions are also treated in our dossier on the topic of "University".

EMBA celebrates its 30th anniversary

One of the topics of the Campus part of the current edition is the reform of contextual studies at the University of St.Gallen and the 30th anniversary of our EMBA programme. The two Professors Thomas Geiser and Alfred Koller, who have reached retirement age, are honoured with a farewell article each. And finally, our columnist Yvette Sánchez reviews the turbulent Catalonian autumn of 2017: "Caution! Danger of slipping!"

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