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Dossier on the "Sharing Economy" in HSG Focus

What’s yours is mine – what’s mine is yours. The "Sharing Economy" is the flavour of the month. The latest issue of HSG Focus views the topic from various perspectives and also asks a few critical questions.

23 May 2017. We possess many things that we very rarely use. Does that make sense? Our dossier on the "Sharing Economy" provides answers:


One of the topics of our campus column is an SNSF project at the University of St.Gallen on big data, about the exploration of human behaviour in a virtual environment and about how established companies manage to transform their business model successfully. Colina Frisch, a researcher at the Institute for Business Ethics, recounts in a portrait why she swapped the world of the theatre for academia, whilst Arno Hold, Dean of External Relations, talks about the University of St.Gallen’s regional roots and international network in an interview.

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