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“Digital” dossier in HSG Focus

The latest issue of our University magazine focuses on digital topics – from “Big Brother arrives by e-mail” to “Cyber conflicts and how they could affect Switzerland”. In the campus section, columnist Peter Hettich writes about the “annoying clamour about Marignano”.

HSG Focus Digital

13 May 2015. The “Digital” dossier is made up of 16 video, audio and text contributions. Communication Professor Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, for example, talks about digital processes, the Web 2.0 and the internet of things in an interview. Insurance Professor Martin Eling speaks about cyber risk and how enterprises can protect themselves against it. And in an essay, the retired Business IT Professor Hubert Österle focuses on homo digitalis and wonders whether this is a curse or a blessing.

A selection of further headings:

  • Why is PowerPoint so boring?
  • Thinking for the digital age
  • Wearables become like sensory organs
  • 24-hour surveillance for Rover
  • E-commerce revolutionises classic trade

The campus part includes features about the 10th anniversary of the University Archive, as well as a picture review of the 2015 dies academicus and the 45th St. Gallen Symposium. Professors Li Choy Chong and Thomas Eberle, who will retire in the summer, will each be honoured with an appreciative farewell message. The video interview about “Megatrends” in the research section looks at what will await mankind in the coming years and decades whilst a report provides an insight into the sweat-inducing everyday training of cheerleaders.

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