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Current number of the HSGBlatt

The University of St.Gallen will launch a new Master’s programme from autumn 2011, Roman Herzog a speaker at the 8th DocNet Symposium, and further topical issues in the latest number of the HSGBlatt.


29 November 2010. The current number of the HSGBlatt, the newspaper by and about the HSG, reports on the Swiss SME Day and many other issues.

New Master’s programme
Unconventional thinking in demand: the new Master’s programme in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory (MOK), which will start from autumn 2011, will convey competencies for the analysis and creative configuration of complex development processes in the economy and in society. At the 8th DocNetManagement Symposium, the former German President, Roman Herzog, spoke about the opportunities provided by demographic change.

2010 SME Day
More than 1,000 participants attended the 2010 Swiss SME Day in St.Gallen, during which SMEs were able to exchange ideas about expectations and reality. The Haniel Foundation is the new main partner of the HSG Coaching Programme. And: achievements instead of pats on the shoulder – an interview with the outgoing President, Ernst Mohr, about his six years in office.

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