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Crime: help for people affected

28 February will mark the start of a lecture series on “Crime: relatives, victims and perpetrators”. The lectures are open to the general public, who will be able to learn more about the psychological perspective of the police and about the prosecution of criminal cases.


22. February 2013. The police and the public prosecutor’s office are not only concerned with the prosecution of criminal offences and of criminals. They also regularly help people with psychological problems and in social distress.

Peter Gill, a senior police office and Head of the Media and Information at the Public Prosecutors’ Office of the Canton of Basel-City, will give the three-part lecture series. On 28 February, he will outline the perspective of the police and public prosecutors when relatives have to be notified of a death.

A week later, on 7 March, he will deal with problems encountered by relatives in cases of suicide. Possible effects of media coverage on victims, perpetrators and relatives, and the perception of a criminal offence in the public domain will be the topics on 14 March. The focus will always be on the question as to how people who are affected can be provided with assistance and support.

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