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Core competence entrepreneurship

The University of St.Gallen launches a Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE-HSG) and offers an additional qualification in Entrepreneurship at the Bachelor's Level starting in Fall Semester 2009.

28 November 2008. The Alumni HSG Advisory Committee has introduced a new focus and launched the establishment of a Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen.

Start in Fall 2009
With the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, the HSG pools its varied activities in the field of entrepreneurship in research, teaching and executive education. This additional qualification at the Bachelor’s Level will start in Fall Semester 2009.

Project of the HSG Advisory Committee
Just under a year after the establishment of the Alumni HSG Advisory Committee, this Committee’s first project has been put into practice. The set-up of the Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CEE-HSG) enables the University of St.Gallen to offer 60 undergraduates the opportunity to obtain an additional qualification in entrepreneurship from the Fall Semester.

Two-year course
This new two-year course will be run in parallel with regular studies at the Bachelor’s Level. The program will not only focus on detailed insights related to start-ups in the relevant areas of business administration and business law, but also on issues concerning the entrepreneurial personality and entrepreneurial responsibility.

At the same time, undergraduates will apply what they learn in practice right from the start. In addition to the program for students, a start-up consulting service and a speakers series will be on.

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