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Business with context

Do we still want bankers without an ethical conscience? Economists who know nothing about history? These questions will be debated on the occasion of the conference on “The Future of Content is Context”.


16 April 2013. With contextual studies, the University of St.Gallen offers an integrated academic education which complements studies in economic sciences and law with core competencies of cultural and political sciences. HSG students earn 25 per cent of their credits in the fields of Cultural Awareness (including foreign languages), Critical Thinking and Leadership Skills. These three areas together constitute contextual studies.

Teaching critical thinking
The guests at the conference on “The Future of Content is Context” will be academics from all over the world. Members of other universities with similar contextual studies will also contribute to the discussion. On the basis of issues such as multidisciplinarity and creativity, the conference will deal with the future shape of contextual studies: How can critical thinking be encouraged in an even more sensible way? What do other universities do? What are the major challenges for business universities? These are the questions that the conference guests in St.Gallen will attempt to answer.

Panel discussion in the city
The conference will be launched with an introductory panel discussion in St.Gallen’s City Hall in the Abbey District. Another six panel discussions will take place at the HSG. The conference will be concluded by a public event “Text/Textile” in the Textile Museum.

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