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Between business and ethics

From Tuesday, 20 September 2011, a public lecture series on “Fields of tension between business and ethics” will be run at the HSG. These lectures and debates will be spread over six evenings.


13 September 2011. The public lecture series on business ethics at the University of St.Gallen aims to explore, discuss and compare differing perspectives of this discipline. On six evenings, the guest speakers will provide introductions to various subject areas and offer an insight into the diversity of reflection in the field of business ethics.

“Prosperity without happiness?”

The series will be opened by Prof. Dr. Johannes Hirata (Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences) on 20 September on the topic of “Prosperity without happiness? The significance of the happiness perspective for business ethics”. A week later, on 27 September, Prof. Dr. Peter Seele (Universities of Lugano and Basel) will be speaking about “The stakeholder/shareholder dilemma explained with the example of Apple and Foxconn”. The exact title of the lecture to be given by Prof. Dr. Olaf Schumann (University of Kassel) on 4 October is still open and will be announced in the run-up to the relevant date on the website of the Institute for Business Ethics (IWE-HSG).

“Community spirit and volunteering”

On 11 October, Dr. Mark Joob (University of West Hungary) will be talking about “Limitless business – limited responsibility?” Two weeks later, on 25 October, Dr. Bettina Hollstein from the University of Erfurt will deal with the topic of “Community spirit and volunteering – opportunities for the reconstruction of the social market economy”. The public lecture series will be concluded on 22 November with a lecture by Prof. Dr. Patrick Renz (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art) on “Development cooperation from a business-ethical perspective”.

The lectures will take place on Tuesdays from 6.15-7.45 p.m., the first five in Room 01-014, the last, by Patrick Renz, on 22 November, in Room 01-U123.

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