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art@tell shows new works of art

In connection with the art project art@tell, the University of St.Gallen invites the general public to a vernissage. The public unveiling of new works of art will take place in the foyer of the building in Tellstrasse 2 on Monday, 27 April 2015, at 6 p.m. The works will be on display in St.Gallen for six months.


23. April 2015. Javier Artero (Spain), Sara Benaglia (Italy), Warattaya Bullôt (New Zealand), Jiwon Kim (South Korea/Germany) and Raúl Rebolledo (Mexico) will present their works in a performance on 27 April 2015. The works will be part of the everyday lives of HSG students and staff in Tellstrasse 2 in St.Gallen for six months. Subsequently, art@tell will go on tour to a partner university of the HSG in order to showcase the artists abroad too.

The Mexican artist Raúl Rebolledo reduces traditional value systems of the present day to absurdity. “The Fool’s Gold” does not speak about the economy but provides it with a voice on huge tableaux in the foyer of Tellstrasse 2, where the artist places cocaine, the minimum wage and weaponry in relation to art. With this combination, Rebolledo puts the sensual sight of scintillating surfaces to the acid test without having recourse to the traditional instruments of criticism.

In tranquillity, movement; in movement, repose – this is how the video work of the artist Javier Artero, who lives in Málaga, could be put in a nutshell; this work in on display in the darkened lounge. As in this artist’s previous works, “The Periplus” also asks the question as to the sensitisation of perception, the conditions of seeing in time.

For the photo series entitled “Know Where”, the New Zealand artist Warattaya Bullôt turned her attention to artificially created and anonymous (non-)places. The focus of her decidedly unpretentious photos is on human living space and its architecture. The idea of landscape as a construct shaped by a continuing exchange between people and nature strikes the observer as particularly convincing in this work.

Since 2012, the artist Jiwon Kim has made use of her magnificent head of hair as material for her project. She placed and photographed eighty of her plucked-out hairs in the exhibition rooms of significant museums such as the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Fondation Beyeler (Basel), the Martin Gropius Bau (Berlin) and the Tate Modern (London). The long motif chain of images guides us right across Europe’s history of art. The title “The Artist’s Hair” indicates that for once, it is not the masterpieces that play the main part but that one single, delicately placed hair of the artist conquers the room.

Sara Benaglia’s work of art in the seminar room on the fourth floor can be circumscribed with the notion of performative installation. “The jealousy of the form” constitutes a synthesis of event and work, of presence and representation. The artist from Bergamo orchestrates the body acting on stage as a projection surface for social roles. 

Picture: arttell / Kunstwerk von Javier Artero

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