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Appointment: Seraina Grünewald

Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald has been full professor of International Economic Law and Finance Law at the University of St.Gallen since 1 February 2024.
Berufung: Seraina Grünewald
Prof. Dr. Seraina Grünewald ist seit 1. Februar 2024 Ordentliche Professorin für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht und Finanzrecht an der Universität St.Gallen.

Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in law at the University of Bern in 2005 and 2006. She passed the bar exam in 2008 and obtained her doctorate summa cum laude from the University of Zurich in 2012 with her thesis "The Resolution of Cross-Border Banking Crises in the European Union - A Legal Study from the Perspective of Burden Sharing". During her doctoral studies, she was a research assistant at the University of Zurich and a graduate of the Fund Internship Programme at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. As a visiting researcher, she attended Harvard Law School, Yale Law School and Columbia Law School. After successfully completing her doctorate, Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald worked at the European Central Bank and then went to the University of Lichtenstein as a postdoctoral researcher. In 2013, she was appointed assistant professor of Financial Market Law at the University of Zurich. She researched and taught there for six years before accepting a full professorship at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2019.

Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald is a board member of the European Banking Institute (EBI), an academic fellow at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on European Union Sustainable Finance and Law (EUSFiL) and a member of the Committee on International Monetary Law of the International Law Association (MOCOMILA).

Research on the role of central banks, the digitalisation of money and the development of sustainable economic processes

Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald conducts research on the role of central banks, the digitalisation of money and the development of sustainable economic processes. Her publications have appeared in leading journals and with international publishing houses. In her research projects, she regularly is a part of international and interdisciplinary teams with economists and management scientists.

Her research appeals to a broad audience due to its economic and social relevance. Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald is a sought-after expert for international, European and Swiss authorities and has advised the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the European Stability Mechanism and FINMA, among others.

Teaching at all academic levels

Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald teaches at all academic levels in German, English and Dutch. Her courses enable students to engage in direct dialogue with international researchers and representatives of public authorities and the private sector. In addition, Prof. Dr Seraina Grünewald has been teaching regularly and successfully in the field of continuing education for many years, including courses in sustainable finance and banking resolution at the European University Institute in Florence.

Her position is an endowed professorship, the "Lemann Chair", and is financed by third-party funds. 

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