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Appointment: Dominik Sachs

As of 1 August Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs is Full Professor for Macroeconomics and Public Finance at the University of St.Gallen.

1 August 2021. Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs, born on 1 June 1984, is a German citizen.

In 2010 he completed his Master's degree in economics at the University of Konstanz. In 2013, also at the University of Konstanz, he defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Optimal Social Insurance and Redistribution: Incentives for Educational Investment, Work and Savings”. He then moved to the University of Cologne where he began a post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Macroeconomic Research and the Cologne Graduate School of Social Sciences. In autumn 2015 he was appointed Assistant Professor of Economics at the European University Institute in Florence. In autumn 2017 he represented the Clemens Fuest Chair at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich but remained a part-time professor at the European University Institute in Florence at the same time. In 2019 he became an Associate Professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where he worked until recently.

Research in the areas of social insurance and distribution

Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs has established a research focus at the interface between macroeconomics and public finance. He is concerned with the question of how tax-transfer systems can be designed efficiently. Alongside income and inheritance tax, he also studies family and education policy. The innovative aspect of his approach is consideration of dynamic effects of policies on income inequality, individual behaviour and tax revenues.

His research has been published in leading specialist journals, such as the Journal of Political Economy, Econometrica and the Journal of Public Economics. In addition, his research has won him multiple awards, including the Reinhard Selten Prize and the Distinguished CESifo Fellow Award. Dominik Sachs has been affiliated to the CEPR (Centre for Economic Policy Research) since 2016. Since 2020 he has been the Associate Editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

Teaching experience

Prof. Dr. Dominik Sachs has already gained teaching experience at all levels. At the European University Institute in Florence, he taught various courses for doctoral students, and at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich he taught at both bachelor and master level. He is also looking forward to offering courses on the International Affairs Programme at the University of St.Gallen.

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