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Appointment: Anna Sieben

Prof. Dr. Anna Sieben has been appointed Associate Professor for Cultural and Social Psychology at the University of St.Gallen as of 1 August 2022.

1 August 2022. In 2007, she completed a degree course in psychology at the University of Cologne and the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. During her studies, she was a student assistant to the Professor for Cultural and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne and an assistant of the graduate intercultural communication programme of the Hans Böckler Foundation: "Intercultural Competence". She completed her Master's degree in Gender & Culture at Goldsmith College, University of London. She was awarded summa cum laude for her PhD at the Ruhr University Bochum in 2013 with the doctoral thesis "Gender and sexuality in classic psychological theories. A historical and systematic analysis". In 2015, she was awarded the Wilhelm Hollenberg Prize by the Society of Friends of the RUB and the Science Prize for Gender Research by the Ministry of Culture and Science NRW for her doctorate. 

Research on cross-cultural parenting

Professor Anna Sieben's research makes use of cultural-psychological and social-psychological approaches. She is currently researching cross-cultural parenting. The central concern of her research involves the investigation of knowledge transfer processes and analysing how knowledge is adapted and thereby changed in different cultural contexts. The investigation of social-psychological dynamics in crowds is the second focal point of her research. She is well versed in the application of qualitative and quantitative methods and also employs ethnographic methods to tackle her research questions. Professor Anna Sieben has published work in international peer-reviewed journals, e.g. Culture & Psychology, Feminist Theory, Plos One. 

Extensive teaching experience

Professor Anna Sieben has extensive teaching experience in interdisciplinary course programmes at the bachelor and master levels. She teaches philosophy of science, history of psychology, qualitative methods, social theories and specialist courses in cultural psychology. Her courses are research-based, and her students are integrated into her research projects and/or empirical work.


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