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An unconventional economic view

The final HSGBlatt issue of spring term 2012 includes an interview with the Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček: “The Economics of Good and Evil”. He was a guest of the 42nd St.Gallen Symposium.


21 May 2012. In his interview, Tomáš Sedláček shows an original view on economics and also comes to a firm conclusion regarding the financial and economic crisis: “A clear lesson from the crisis is that financial institutions had plenty of opportunity to show they can regulate themselves. They did not, so governments need to. Sorry, but it's in our own interest to be regulated.”

A motor for economic value add
The lead topic in HSGBlatt’s most recent issue is the updated report on the regional roots of the University of St.Gallen. The report says that HSG’s annual value added contribution to the Appenzell AR/St.Gallen/Lake Constance region totals 201 million francs.

Meanwhile, a survey by the Institute for Marketing (IfM-HSG) and GfK Switzerland has revealed that a majority of Swiss executives regard economic development in our country pessimistically: “A concerned look into the future”.

Light for slum huts
Students of the master’s program in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG) have implemented a gratifying project. They are bringing light to the huts of slum dwellers in Bogotá, Columbia, with used PET bottles.

HSGBlatt features a pictorial review of the 42nd St.Gallen Symposium, which took place in early May on the HSG campus.

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