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Achieving great things with crowdfunding

The “HSG inSite” uses crowd-sourced fund-raising in order to collect monies for selected projects at the University of St.Gallen. So far, five projects have been realised through the internet portal.


With the crowdfunding model, funding is spread among a great number of people who in the end finance a specific project. There is no minimum amount for donations. Not only University members and alumni can participate; the system is open to everyone.

Transparent funding

The budget required, the amount of money collected at any given moment and the way in which the funds are used can be seen on the project website at all times. Donors are named on the platform if they so wish. Donors are able to trace the impact of their commitment in detailed reports, interviews and in images. This makes funding transparent and visible for everyone.

Through the funding platform, an undergraduate in her Assessment Year was helped to finance her tuition fees, and the equipment for the HSG’s women’s lacrosse team was paid for, among other things.

The President’s Fund, which was initially not ring-fenced for any specific purpose, is a funding project that runs for an indeterminate period of time and provides the President with the freedom of supporting strategically relevant University projects outside the cantonal funding budget.

Innovative and relevant to the University as a whole

Everyone can submit a project; there is only one condition: the concept should be innovative and relevant to the University as a whole. The amount to be raised should not exceed CHF 5,000 since only in this way is successful funding within the intended period of three months possible. The published projects are selected by University Development.


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