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75 new doctors

On 16 February 2015, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) awarded 75 Doctor’s degrees. In his address, President Thomas Bieger spoke about the doctors’ new stage in life, in which they wanted to proceed from insight to impact.


16 February 2015. At the Award Ceremony, President Thomas Bieger handed over 75 degree certificates: 46 in Economic Sciences, twelve in Social Sciences, six in Political Science, five in Law and six in Economics and Finance.

Insights generated by research need a purpose

“Good research can never be an end in itself,” said Thomas Bieger. He compared this with good design, which combined aesthetics and function. In the same way, insights generated by research required recipients and thus a purpose. Either research was itself the “impact”, i.e. a result leading to further research, or it would impact on practice. Bieger noted that the HSG claim “From insight to impact” fitted the new doctors’ stage in life like almost no other, since after a long period of learning they would want to have an effect, to proceed from insight to impact.

Success and responsibility: two sides of one coin

In her address, alumna Barbara Rigassi, Managing Partner and Director of BHP – Brugger und Partner AG in Zurich, encouraged the new doctors not merely to implement the knowledge they had acquired so far. Rather, she appealed to them to develop the skills and the courage to interpret knowledge and facts in individual circumstances. Autonomy and independence in thinking were important for them to be able to find solutions to upcoming challenges. She also appealed to the new doctors to assume social responsibility, for Barbara Rigassi’s motto is: “Success and responsibility are two sides of one coin.”

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