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68 new Doctors

On 22 February 2016, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) awarded 68 Doctor’s Degrees. In his address, President Thomas Bieger pointed out that research results always require a patient information leaflet.


22 February 2016. At the Doctors' Graduation Ceremony, President Thomas Bieger awarded 68 degree certificates:

  • 37 in Economics,
  • 13 in Law,
  • ten in Social Science,
  • four in Political Science,
  • three degrees of a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Finance, and
  • one degree of a Doctor of Philosophy in Finance.

"Human beings: objects of research"

In his address, Thomas Bieger reminded the Doctors of the fact that academics were not only responsible for the diagnosis, quality of their insights and research results but also shared the responsibility for their implementation – at least for ensuring that those who make use of the results are able to understand them properly. "Like medicines, research results thus need a patient information leaflet that points out undesirable side effects," said Bieger.

In their research, the new Doctors would also come across phenomena, said Bieger, which did not fit the theory or the hypothetical structure, for the objects of research in the social sciences, namely people and their institutions, are always unique specimens that could change. "The actors of social systems are not simply molecules which react but human beings who act." Therefore this must also be mentioned on the patient information leaflet.

Thanks to this patient information leaflet, academics are also able to recommend effective therapies – strategies and measures in politics, administration, companies and society, said Bieger.

Fulfilled life or career
In her address entitled "Fulfilled life or career?", alumna Dr. Carole Ackermann, CEO of Diamondscull AG and director or Allianz Suisse, inter alia, examined the aspects that serve as incentives for a "good" career. With the help of an overlapping circles grid, she demonstrated how a focus can emerge in spite of the great number of options that are on offer on a daily basis and life is given a clear direction in this way. Ackermann advised the Doctors to find their own way to turn their careers into fulfilled lives.

The musical background to the ceremony was provided by the Claude Diallo Situation jazz trio.

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