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60 Doctor’s degrees awarded

At the beginning of the autumn semester on 16 September 2019, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) awarded 60 Doctor’s degrees.

16 September 2019. Among the doctorates, 33 were in economic sciences, ten in social sciences, seven in law, four in political science, three degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Economics and Finance and three degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Finance. In his address, HSG President Thomas Bieger talked about the value of a Doctor’s degree and congratulated the graduates on their doctorates – on a special degree, which combined students’ education with their own research.

"…and suddenly I’m a municipal councillor"

In her speech, HSG alumna Dr. Sonja Lüthi, Head of the Social Issues and Security Department of the City of St.Gallen, addressed some personal words to the graduates who, with their new degree, were facing an important parting of the ways. On the one hand, she talked about her career to date and how she, a woman from the Canton of Aargau, had originally dreamed of becoming a French teacher, but then became a Green Liberal politician and finally a municipal councillor in St.Gallen. On the other hand, she provided an insight into how she successfully juggled professional and family life and explained her thoughts about genuine compatibility to ensure that in the future, people would be able to speak about double enrichment rather than a double burden. She encouraged the graduates: Follow your inner fire with courage and consistency, leave the usual and often beaten track and find a different path – even though it may turn out to be a detour or a cul-de-sac, even though it may be stony and arduous. Who dares may not always win – but those who dare are those who are able to use their resources to make this world a little better.

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