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596 Bachelor’s degree certificates awarded at HSG

On 2 October 2022, 596 undergraduates were awarded their Bachelor of Arts (B.A. HSG) degrees at the University of St.Gallen – almost twice the number as in this year’s spring semester. In his address, business economist and Vice-President Urs Fueglistaller told the new graduates what constitutes good corporate governance.

4 October 2022. The graduates received their Bachelor’s degree certificates in the following majors:

  • 397 in Business Administration,
  • 51 in International Affairs,
  • 71 in Economics,
  • 21 in Law and Economics,
  • 52 in Law,
  • 4 in the Law for Law & Economics.

Flight has been successful
“There I was, standing on the mountain, with a warm wind in my face. Then a quick jolt, and I was running down the mountain. I’m flying,” said Vice-President Prof. Dr. Urs Fueglistaller at the beginning of his address. That was his first jump into uncertainty, back in 1986. “Now you’re in a similar situation. Your flight has been successful,” said the Vice-President, congratulating the graduates on their degree.

Bachelor Graduation Day

Good corporate governance requires foresight
It was a privilege for your professors to debate with you about leadership, management, falling down and picking yourself up again, entrepreneurship and its light and dark sides, said Urs Fueglistaller. For almost four decades at HSG, the business administration professor always found that it had always been a sort of give and take in teaching and learning, in experimenting and having fun, and in hardship and success – encompassing “both this and that”. The parallel existence of operative activities and strategic foresight would be one of the graduates’ central tasks in their future professional lives – whether there is a machine that must be repaired at once, a member of staff who is unwell or a customer who is massively dissatisfied. This “both this and that”, and the readiness to assume responsibility consistently – regardless of place and time – manifest themselves in good corporate governance.

Value creation, letting others feel their value, code of values
Education provides values and training provides skills, explained Urs Fueglistaller. For a company to work well, it requires healthy employees. Corporate governance should take its bearing from three values in particular: value creation, letting employees, customers and suppliers feel their value, and a code of values – being aware of one’s own philosophy of life and acting accordingly. Behaving consistently also means remaining true to one’s self and keeping promises made to others.


The Vice-President concluded his address by encouraging the graduates to remain curious, be open to surprises, and always try to be a beginner somewhere or other in life.

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