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484 Bachelor’s degrees awarded

On 26 September, 484 undergraduates were awarded the degree of a Bachelor of Arts by the University of St.Gallen on the occasion of their Graduation Day. President Thomas Bieger provided the new graduates with tips about how they could still create value in the era of social media.


26 September 2015. The degree certificates handed to the total of 484 students on the occasion of their Graduation Day were in the following majors:

  • 293 in Business Administration,
  • 67 in Economics,
  • 52 in International Affairs,
  • 46 in Law,
  • 26 in Law and Economics.

Genuine competencies through personal encounters

President Thomas Bieger reminded the graduates of the fact that this would be a parting of their ways. "A high degree of dynamic mobility is a hallmark of modern society," said Bieger. However, social media enabled people to cultivate friendships and contacts worldwide regardless of location. But when they looked back on their studies, it was in direct encounters that they had learnt the most. Bieger opined that practically all knowledge could be found in the internet worldwide today. Genuine competencies, however, "knowing how to do things", could only be conveyed through personal encounters.

Reserving time and energy
In the economy, too, personal encounters remained as significant as ever. "Values and visions, but also ethics and morals, cannot be transferred through bits and bytes," said Bieger. Thus Bieger provided the new graduates with tips: they should use social networks and cultivate contacts across great distances. A more profound effect, however, could only be generated by means of personal encounters. "Reserving some time," for specific encounters over a physical cup of coffee would surmount differences. Personal encounters did not require any distraction but needed focus and empathy, and this took up energy – which the graduates should also reserve along with their time.

Attractive social programme

Before the degree certificates were presented, HSG Alumni President Urs Landolf gave a welcoming address to the new graduates. He encouraged them to join the alumni organisation. The musical background to the ceremony was provided by the HSG Big Band. During the Bachelors’ Graduation Day, the graduates, their families and guests were able to make use of a varied social programme ranging from themed guided tours of the city and guided tours of the art works at the University to a taster lecture by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schindler on "Short trials – fair trials?" In the evening, HSG Alumni held the traditional Graduation Party in St.Gallen.

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