Campus - 23.12.2014 - 00:00 

1st place in the Handelsblatt ranking

The German newspaper Handelsblatt has published its 2014 rankings for Business Administration faculties in the German-speaking region. The University of St.Gallen takes first place among the 80 or so universities evaluated, with a clear lead over the competition.


22 December 2014. "When it comes to top-flight research in Business Administration, St.Gallen is a European centre of excellence. And in the German-speaking region it is quite simply the centre," according to the Handelsblatt. "At no other university do members of the Business Administration department publish so many high-profile publications in international journals."

Every two years the Handelsblatt's Business Administrtion ranking chooses the faculties in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that have the strongest research record. Following on from 2012, the HSG is now in first place for the second time in succession. It is followed by the University of Zurich and TU Munich.

To work out the rankings they count all the publications that members of a university's Business Administration department have published in prominent business administration journals in the past ten years. The data collection and processing work is undertaken by a team from the Economic Research Centre of ETH Zürich. Overall the publications of 2346 Business Administration researchers were evaluated, amounting to just short of 23,000 articles in more than 1,000 academic journals.

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