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Focal points and basic problems of international politics

At the end of the year, we review it - and begin with the provisional balance sheet of a war that began in February with tanks and missiles. Interlude or turning point? Indeed, the Russian attack calls into question much of what seemed self-evident, at least in Europe. Old illusions are followed by new uncertainties.

Thu. 23.05.2024
Thu. 22.12.2022


18:15 - 19:45



University of St.Gallen, Room A 01-012
9000 St. Gallen
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kein Eintritt


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Political Science

Wars are destructive, they damage body and soul, material and ideal, individual and collective goods. At the same time, war also produces something new, for example in terms of geopolitical configurations or in the arrangement of value chains based on the division of labour. What are the visible, foreseeable and probable consequences of the conflict? What are the results for Switzerland? "Marble, stone and iron breaks ...", but not Helvetic neutrality?

Approaches of this kind are at the beginning of an interdisciplinary lecture that takes up current events, classifies them in a historical perspective and puts them into perspective. As always, good questions are as important to us as the supposedly best answer, and we are always accompanied by the admission of limits in knowledge and understanding. Beyond a sometimes oppressive topicality, we want to contemplate and enjoy - be it impressions from an unexpectedly open Iran, be it diagnostic short stories from a France that suffers from tension even after the elections.